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We are an online platform for cord-cutters. We offer a variety of Android™ TV box products and accessories that will make your traditional TV choices obsolete. Why pay for cable when there is a better alternative!

Our smart TV Android TV boxes come with easy to use hardware & software. If you have difficulty setting up your Android TV Box, our experts will walk you through the setup process or remotely connect to your box to fix any software issues.
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An Android box is a powerful TV box that brings the best of entertainment to your TV. It also allows you to install web browser and surf internet, enjoy live TV streaming, install your favorite apps and games, and much more.

An Android TV box is basically a TV box running the Android operating system framework. This is the same working framework as the one running on your cell phone, tablet and a great many different gadgets all through the world. Normally it’s a marginally more established form like KitKat (Android 4.4), Lollipop (Android 5), Android 6 or Android 7 Operating Systems. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you know how to utilize your tablet or cell phone, you can ordinarily run most (if not all) of those applications on an Android TV box.
Distinctive organizations can make diverse skins, or launchers, to give it a modified look and feel. For the most part, they’re attempting to make it simpler to use from your lounge, or have it look more like Netflix, which bodes well. Netflix is the world’s most well-known media streamer, so mimicking their interface makes it simpler for new clients to acquaint themselves with their new TV box.