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Kodi 18 Leia
The wait is over! Kodi 18 Leia has finally been released with features that make us  even more ecstatic about the future of streaming:


Retroplayer gaming and associated game control support

One of the big features of this release: support for gaming emulators, ROMs, and controls. This is a significant topic in its own right, so look out for future posts on this, but suffice it to say at this time that you now have a whole world of retro gaming at your fingertips, all from the same interface as your movies, music and TV shows. For the genuine experience as well, we’ve also introduced support for joysticks, gamepads, and other platform-specific controls, so the games will work just as was intended.

Digital Rights Management decryption support

Early days in many ways, but this opens a whole new world of content for Kodi. Depending on your hardware and licensing, Kodi can now access external DRM handlers and then play subscription content just like any other local media. This is significant in a time when so many people are switching to protected streaming content; there are already several add-ons available that make use of this functionality, and we genuinely hope that we’ll see support from other content providers in the future.

Music Library – new ways to explore and enjoy your music collection

Significant improvements including better filtering (media source, artist gender, type etc.); artist sort name; enhanced artwork; faster API access (particularly useful if you’re controlling Kodi by remote with the TV off). Creating and using the music library is even smoother than before. If you have never bothered to use the music library, or maybe never even used Kodi as a music player, then we encourage you to try this feature in Leia!

Live TV improvements, including support for new backends

Support for RDS (Radio Data System), automatic selection on startup (“boot to live TV/radio”, if you like), improved OSD and PVR information, enhanced EPG and PVR actions, and many more. Back end support has been updated across the board, with new support for Zattoo, Teleboy, and Sledovanitv.cz.

Binary addon support and the binary addon repository

While we’ve actually been using platform-specific binary add-ons for some time – think PVR addons and screensavers – there’s been a lot of work to expand this functionality and move to a more modular architecture as a result. This has effectively halved the main Kodi installer in size, as you now have the option to install some of these functions as you need them instead of them coming pre-bundled. The architecture also now opens the door for other types of pre-compiled binaries, perhaps to provide access to different media sources. The binary repository is currently available for Android, OSX, and Windows; Linux users will still have to use the PPA, while iOS and UWP will continue to include the binary add-ons in the installer because of platform limitations.

Android Leanback and voice control

Kodi can now show its library contents on the main Android TV interface, with full voice functionality: unwatched random movies and unlistened-to albums, binge watch suggestions, and more. Voice integration allows you to search for content with Google Assistant, using the same feature for “voice typing” wherever you see the traditional Kodi on-screen keyboard.

Playback improvements (audio and video), including improved Blu-ray support

The video player is core to so much of what Kodi does, and some significant changes have been made to the architecture to ensure we’re better able to cope with 4K, 8K, HDR and similar, as well as keeping up with the variety of CODECs out there. Changes have been made to priority, to ensure that video gets the most attention from the CPU/GPU for smoothest-possible playback. Elements have been moved out into binary add-ons, so components can potentially be updated outside of the main Kodi code base.

We’ve also improved Blu-ray support in terms of disc detection and metadata, BD-J menu support (subject to Java support on the device), there are updated external interfaces for e.g. MPEG DASH and RTMP input, and there are improvements to 3d playback (including in 2D mode) and various changes to specific CODECs.

On the audio side, there’s a wealth of improvements and new support for all types of playback system: ALSA, PulseAudio, OSS, Pi Audio, DirectSound, WASAPI, Darwin, SndIO

“Estuary” skin modifications and changes to the GUI/skinning engine

Many of the other changes listed here have an obvious ripple effect on the Kodi interface, so we’ve made the change to support these: the gaming modules and associated libraries and the PVR changes, for example. We’ve also updated keyboard layouts for more languages, updated image resources, changed API calls, improved response times with optimizations for e.g. scaling and redrawing.

Revised codebase and build guides

Starting with this release, our build guides are kept up-to-date against the current code base – current, as in (hopefully!) up-to-date against a single pull request or code commit. That means that we no longer need to maintain How-Tos and standalone guides, and you will be able to reliably find a build guide for any point in time, even retrospectively.

Platform Specifics

As a multi-platform application, Kodi inevitably has to be updated in different ways for different operating systems, whether that’s simply to keep up or whether it’s to unlock new functionality. Android gets API bumps, speech-to-text, SD card support, among other things; BSD gets all-around improved support, especially on the video (VAAPI/VDPAU) side; Linux gets DRM, Mir/Wayland support, numerous video improvements, and build system changes; iOS gets support for iOS 10, improved VTB decoder support, and general improvements on arm64; and Windows finally gets 64-bit binaries, along with improved UWP compilation, enhancements to image rendering, and another slew of general platform-specific improvements to how we handle libraries and APIs.

… And Other Things

Of course, there have also been a huge number of other changes, some of which will be invisible to very many users. Bluetooth support, CMake build system, visualizations and screensavers, improvements to the JSON-RPC API, improved code stability, performance. and security (as well as general code clean-up in many core areas), remote control changes, web interface changes, logging changes, dependency changes… the list goes on. Do take a look at the changelog and detailed commit history (below) if you’re really interested in looking behind the curtain!


Source: https://kodi.tv/article/kodi-180

Comparison of S905X, S905X2, and S905Y2 Processors Specifications

We’ve known the main features of Amlogic S905Y2 and S905X2 processors namely an upgrade to an Arm Mali-G31MP2 GPU with OpenGLES 3.1, and support for USB 3. since last month, and TV boxes launched earlier this month with products such as Beelink GT1 Mini or A95X Plus.

But we were still missing some parameters like the manufacturing process, max CPU and GPU frequencies, and so on. We now have all this information and some more thanks to a S905X/S905X2/S905Y2 comparison table released by SDMC a few days ago, and likely coming from Amlogic themselves.

Amlogic S905X S905X2 S905Y2 Comparison
Click to Enlarge

There actually more differences than I expected. Going from top to bottom in the comparison table above, the new processors feature an ultra-low power MCU core to be used for wake-word detection, and possibly other features. We did not get CPU frequency numbers per say, but since Amlogic released DMIPS values and Cortex A53 core scores 2.3 DMIPS/MHz, we can easily derive it:

  • Amlogic S905X – 13,800 DMIPS / 4 cores / 2.3 DMIPS/MHz = 1500 MHz
  • Amlogic S905X2 / S905Y2 – 18,400 DMIPS / 4 cores / 2.3 DMIPS/MHz = 2000 MHz

Bear in mind those are still numbers from a document, and actual testing will be require to find out whether Amlogic massaged the numbers once again. The Mali-G31 GPU is closed at up to 850 MHz, against 750 MHz with the Mali-450 GPU in S905X.

The memory interface has improved as well with the new SoCs supporting LPDDR3/4 up to 3200 MHz, and up to 4GB RAM, but we already knew that part thanks to TV boxes announcement. There’s also a small change for storage interfaces with NAND SLC and SPI NAND flash now supported, but I’m not sure this is a significant change since most systems should be relying on eMMC flash.

The hardware video decoder can now handle 4K videos up to 75 Hz instead of just 60 Hz (why? probably just because it can unless I missed something), and adds support for AVS2 that should mostly/only matter for the Chinese market. There’s also an enhanced video post-processing engine called “8th Gen TruLife Image Engine”. S905X supported HDR10 and HLG high-dynamic range solutions, and the new processors add Dolby Vision and TCH Prime (which I never heard of). Video output is indeed HDMI 2.1 as reported on some products page, but of course without 8K video support. S905X2 also includes a CVBS interface for composite audio. as well as a DVP camera interface, but not S905Y2, which makes sense due to the latter targeting HDMI TV sticks.

For the same reason, Ethernet is gone on Amlogic S905Y2, while Amlogic S905X2 comes with both a Gigabit Ethernet MAC, and a Fast Ethernet PHY. Both new processors also add USB 3.0 and PCIe Gen-2 interfaces, as well as TS input interface for digital TV tuners. S905Y2 and S905X2 have been designed for smart voice application, and beside the wake-word MCU, they also support 8x microphone arrays via I2S and PDM interfaces.

There was a somewhat heated discussion about the manufacturing process last time, and we finally know the answer: S905X2 & S905Y2 are manufactured using a 12nn process. S905Y2 has the smaller package (10.9×10.9mm BGA) of the three processors,  while S905X2 is a bit bigger even compared to S905X due to the extra features with a 14x14mm BGA package.




Buy Android TV Box Canada

Buy Android TV Box Canada

Buying an Android TV box in Canada can turn your TV into an entertainment hub full of unlimited options of movies, TV shows and music. You can do all this from the comfort of your couch accessing numerous videos, music, games and apps with convenience. Have you been wondering how to access the Canadian TV shows you love? Consider the option to buy Android TV box Canada that with the internet from your network provider can help you stream without having to hunch over your laptop instead of view from the couch using a wireless mouse and remote control. With more than thirty Canadian TV networks streaming their TV shows online, it is possible for you to gain access using streaming services as Kodi.


Kodi is used to access media content from internet streams and local Canadian networks through various add-ons. There are many add-ons tailored to Canadian Kodi users that you only need to keep updated. To access the Canadian content you love among content from other streaming sources, go to any reputable seller in Canada and get yourself an Android TV box that either comes with Kodi already pre-installed or requires you to install and set it up yourself.

Once Kodi is up and running, you can choose from the variety of great add-ons for Canadian content to help smooth your way into accessing it. Such add-ons include but are not limited to, Canada On, CanTVLive and Demand. Make sure the add-ons you choose to install are not only supported but also, work greatly and consistently over time. To avoid that hassle, you can go for the Android TV boxes that already have Kodi, add-ons and other apps pre-installed. These are known as the fully loaded Android TV boxes. For instance, here are two Android TV boxes you can buy in Canada:


Best Android Box Fully Loaded

Best android tv boxes

Best Android Box Fully Loaded

Best android box fully loaded: Have you been itching to get your hands on an Android TV box? An Android box basically makes your TV an Android Tablet only bigger. It can make your TV much more fun by helping you choose movies, access games, TV shows and Google Play apps for free from the comfort of your couch. A cost effective way of getting more worth from our TV, you can choose the best from the market in terms of connection, specifications and performance. Besides, you can also opt for an Android box that is fully loaded. This means that the box comes with various pre-installed apps including Kodi, an open-source entertainment source and media player software, and hence, saves you from having to download the apps yourself. Here are the best Android box fully loaded options:

M8S Pro

The new addition by Buydroidbox, this Android box offers a Buydroidbox Care package tuned up quarterly and also checks and confirms the apps and add-ons are still great. It comes with a variety of these apps and add-ons allowing you to just plug and play and also has a 2 year warranty. With its square shape, rounded edges and black color scheme, the box is based on the Amlogic S912 chipset with Android Version 7.1 capable of running the newest Kodi version the Kodi 17.3 Krypton. It also has a Buydroidbox Download Center App that ensures the latest apps, add-ons and firmware are in their latest versions. It is a bit costly compared to basic boxes but the quality is worth the extra charge.

MXQ Pro 4K

Another powerdul Android TV box, the MXQ Pro 4K has a 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor and storage space amounting to 1GB RAM which maks it fast and powerful for an entry level android tv box. With 4 USB ports, an Ethernet port, SD/MMC/SDHC card slots, HDMI and AV input (and output) coupled with mx3 remote, the box offers great value for your money which incidentally is great given its low pricing.

Minix Neo U1

Looking for a sleekly designed box that combines style with functionality? The Minix Neo U1 is a worthy choice. With square shape and curved edges, the box runs on a 1.5 GHz Quad Core Amlogic S905 processor and an 8-Core Mali 450 graphics processor with 2GB RAM, 16 GB ROM and a provision for an SD Card input of up to 32 GB!

T95N Android TV Box

The T95N android tv box is considered lowered end box with 2gb of ram and 8 gb of storage. Unlike its cousin, T95M, the T95N does not have a bluetooth, SPDIF port or an USB OTG port. Although lower in specs, it is capable of running all the latest streaming apps without any issues

T95K S912 Android tv box

T95K is by far the most unique designed box in the industry. With its rainbow of colors, this box is attention grabber yet extremely powerful with S912 octa-core processor, 2/3 gb of RAM and 16/32GB of storage. It also has dual band wifi for butterly smooth streaming.


Buy Android TV Box Kodi

best android tv box kodi

Buy Android TV Box Kodi

Buy Android TV Box Kodi: Have you been looking for a service to help you stream content to your TV? Kodi, previously known as XBMC is the best software for your Android TV box to give you a wide range of streaming services that make it easy to stream and play video and music over local networks or Wi-Fi. Apart from its streaming and media player capabilities, Kodi also enables you to install plug-ins to be able to stream from services such as YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Prime Instant Video. To use Kodi on an Android TV box, you can choose to buy a box that has the service already pre-installed or buy a TV box and install Kodi on it by yourself.

While the latter allows you to go through the process of installing and customizing yourself, the former can offer better plug and play service saving you from the hassle of looking for apps and add-ons by yourself, comes with useful apps, add-ons and firmware and only require you to use the updaters to ensure your apps, add-ons and firmware are all running on the latest versions. However, only buy from trusted sellers to avoid getting a Kodi box that has spyware built in. This is why it is not advisable to buy a Kodi box from eBay or Craigslist. Here are some of the specifications you should look for when buying a Kodi box to ensure you strike an impressive balance between cost and quality:


While TV boxes such as the $300 NVIDIA Shield box may be off the charts in terms of performance, if it is not within your budget, you can opt for a cheaper box that has decent performance even if that means that you have to forgo some of the components.

A Box with Regular Firmware Updates

Picture a smartphone stuck in a certain Android version that you not only cannot update but don’t have the money to get a new one with a later version. This can make you lose out on the various apps and functions that are only supported by later versions. In the same way, a Kodi box without regular firmware updates will become outdated quite fast and cost you more in the long run.

Over The Air (OTA) Upgrades

When out to buy Android box Kodi, choosing one that offers over the air updates as opposed to manual updates is sure to be less tedious when it comes to updating firmware.


A good Kodi box will have after sale support offered by the manufacturer, as well as resources on the manufacturer’s forum that form a great support network.

Best Android TV Box Channels

Best Android TV Box Channels

Best Android TV Box Channels

Best Android TV Box Channels: So you have bought your Android TV box, installed Kodi, now what? Since Kodi is basically a streaming service from the internet, you are probably wondering if you can access live TV and if so which channels are the best when using the streaming service on an Android TV box.

Depending on the kind of genre you are partial to whether Action, Comedy, Drams, Documentaries, Live Sports or just News, you can tailor your channel list to suit your specific needs. With the basic on-demand video streaming services available including Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Vevo, Google Play Movies and TV, Bloomberg TV+, DailyMotion and Crunchyroll the best way to open up a world of videos, movies, music and series is to install add-ons though you should bear in mind that they are usually third party add-ons and are hence not developed by Kodi. Herein are the best add-ons to customize your entertainment hub:

  • Add-on Installer

This acts as an appstore for Kodi allowing you to install the best Kodi add-ons without having to really search for them.

  • Exodus

Arguably the best add-on, developed by Lambda, it eases the process of streaming shows and series and playing movies from your Android TV box. It is quite reliable and offers a simple interface with advanced features. It can be installed using the add-on installer.

  • VPN Manager

Of vital importance when using Kodi is VPN. The VPN Manager add-on helps you connect easily and automatically to VPN providers and hence makes it easier and more convenient to use the internet to stream your shows.

  • Phoenix

This add-on is great especially because it allows you to access channels from various supported countries and get access to sports and TV shows and series.

  • Navi-X

With its sleek design, easy to navigate features and link collection that give you access to a huge database of movies, live sports, TV shows, kids’ stuff, music, international TV and documentaries, the add-on has been around for years and is still a worthy addition to your list of add-ons.

  • Music Box

If you are a diehard fan of music, you will indeed appreciate the valuable Music Box add-on. Developed by Techdealer, it has a huge quantity of music files both current and old and is hence a great addition for your Kodi.

  • Cartoons8

Do you want to make your kids cartoony dreams come true? This add-on is valuable if you are looking to access all types of cartoons and it even has a search button to guide you in unearthing the cartoon show that your kids have been looking for. Besides, you can also take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane and watch the few that you miss from way back when!

Android TV Box Reviews and Ratings

android tv box reviews

Android TV Box Reviews and Ratings

Android tv box reviews and rating: An Android TV box, also known as a Streaming box or a Kodi box is a TV box that enables you to stream via the media center Kodi, streaming apps and add-ons. With an Android TV box, you are not limited to offline content and once hooked into your TV it can allow you to access great stuff with different types of formats all from the comfort of your couch.

When looking to buy an Android TV box, you should look for one that has great and the latest features such as 5.1 Audio Passthrough, Android 5.1 and higher, H.265 Hardware Decoding, OTA Firmware Updates, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching, 1080p, Dual-band, Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet or both and one that can support the latest version of Kodi. Hence, your Android TV box of choice should compare competitively in terms of Wi-Fi strength, processor speed, pre-installed apps, add-ons and firmware, reliability, appearance, support and price. Based on these criteria, with a rating given on a scale of 1 to 10, here are some of the best Android TV boxes:

Matricom G-Box

One of the most popular TV boxes, the Matricom G-Box has a great processing speed. With the rolling out of the Octo-core, the speed is set to make searching through Kodi a breeze and hence this TV box is worth its price and achieves a cool rating of 8.

Xiaomi Mi Box

A great box to purchase if you want a lower price of about $69, the Xiami Mi box is a great choice incorporating 4K HDR streaming and video playback, access to Google Play and with great gaming as well as connectivity options. It, however, misses some streaming services and apps. Rating: 7.


If you are interested in gaming then this TV box is the best. With a powerful processor, micro SD expandability,  great graphics, game controller design,  a wide selection of native and streaming selection of games, it has a Tegra X1 CPU, 3GB RAM and 256-core graphic processor allows you to gain more in terms of power and storage. It is however, a bit on the pricey side. Rating: 9.

Amazon Fire TV

If you have an Amazon Prime account, this box is perfect for your needs. With a 4K Ultra HD video display, streaming in 1080p, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM and micro SD expandability of up to 200GB. It is also relatively inexpensive and easy to integrate with other services. However, its shadow updates can interfere with the smooth operation of apps such as Kodi. Rating: 8.