Best Android TV Box Channels

Best Android TV Box Channels

Best Android TV Box Channels

Best Android TV Box Channels: So you have bought your Android TV box, installed Kodi, now what? Since Kodi is basically a streaming service from the internet, you are probably wondering if you can access live TV and if so which channels are the best when using the streaming service on an Android TV box.

Depending on the kind of genre you are partial to whether Action, Comedy, Drams, Documentaries, Live Sports or just News, you can tailor your channel list to suit your specific needs. With the basic on-demand video streaming services available including Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Vevo, Google Play Movies and TV, Bloomberg TV+, DailyMotion and Crunchyroll the best way to open up a world of videos, movies, music and series is to install add-ons though you should bear in mind that they are usually third party add-ons and are hence not developed by Kodi. Herein are the best add-ons to customize your entertainment hub:

  • Add-on Installer

This acts as an appstore for Kodi allowing you to install the best Kodi add-ons without having to really search for them.

  • Exodus

Arguably the best add-on, developed by Lambda, it eases the process of streaming shows and series and playing movies from your Android TV box. It is quite reliable and offers a simple interface with advanced features. It can be installed using the add-on installer.

  • VPN Manager

Of vital importance when using Kodi is VPN. The VPN Manager add-on helps you connect easily and automatically to VPN providers and hence makes it easier and more convenient to use the internet to stream your shows.

  • Phoenix

This add-on is great especially because it allows you to access channels from various supported countries and get access to sports and TV shows and series.

  • Navi-X

With its sleek design, easy to navigate features and link collection that give you access to a huge database of movies, live sports, TV shows, kids’ stuff, music, international TV and documentaries, the add-on has been around for years and is still a worthy addition to your list of add-ons.

  • Music Box

If you are a diehard fan of music, you will indeed appreciate the valuable Music Box add-on. Developed by Techdealer, it has a huge quantity of music files both current and old and is hence a great addition for your Kodi.

  • Cartoons8

Do you want to make your kids cartoony dreams come true? This add-on is valuable if you are looking to access all types of cartoons and it even has a search button to guide you in unearthing the cartoon show that your kids have been looking for. Besides, you can also take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane and watch the few that you miss from way back when!

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