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Apart from the cost of the android box, there are no monthly fees. However, you will have to subscribe to an unlimited internet package. This will ensure that you are not charge overage fees if you were to surpass your allocated monthly bandwidth.
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Yes. It is highly recommended that you have an “Unlimited Internet Usage” package in order to take full advantage of your Android TV box. Otherwise, you will incur usage charges for going over your monthly bandwidth limit. Buydroidbox.ca is not responsible if you exceed your allocated monthly bandwidth. Contact your internet service provider in order to upgrade to an unlimited data package.
[av_toggle title=’Do You Guarantee The Quality of the Streams?’ tags=”]
No. Buydroidbox.ca does not guarantee the quality or durability of the steams. Many movies, shows and sports are streamed in high definition; however, there are some streamed in standard definition or video cam (poor quality). It is highly recommended that you subscribe to a fast broadband internet connection for the best quality streams. In the event that the stream you are watching is of bad quality, try one of the many other sources.
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Yes! There are a few reliable add-ons for live sports. Currently, the popular ones are Sports Devil and Pro Sport. These offer some live sports in high definition; however, we find that most of the streams are in standard definition. Although standard definition is not the best qualify, it is watchable and does not cost you a penny.
You can watch all types of sports, both professional and college including Hockey, American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Motor Sports and more.
[av_toggle title=’Do I need one Android Box for every TV?’ tags=”]
Yes! Every TV will need an Android TV Box. This is similar to the configuration of set-top-boxes by the cable companies. With that being said, you do not have to pay a monthly fee for your Android TV box like you do with traditional cable companies. Furthermore, there are no monthly fees associated with owning the box. Just pay for your android boxes and enjoy movies, shows, and sports on demand.

If you are planning on purchase multiple boxes, ensure you have adequate internet connection speed. We recommend at least 5MB/s per box. So, if you have 3 boxes, then you should have a minimum of 15MB/s. The more the better. Ensure to subscribe to “UNLIMITED INTERNET PACKAGE” which will cost a bit more. Inquire through your internet service provider. 
[av_toggle title=’What internet speeds do you recommend for the box to work for optimum streaming?’ tags=”]
We recommend a minimum of 20Mb/s for smooth streaming of movies, live tv and shows
[av_toggle title=’What type of support do you provide if there is a problem?’ tags=”]
We provide remote support for all software related issues. We will walk you through what you have to do at your end in order for us to access your box and fix any software issues.

With respect to hardware issues, if the problem is within 3 months of purchase, we will be more than happy to ship you a new box. It is your responsibility to pay the shipping fee to have the product shipped back to us. Once received, we will ship out your new box.
[av_toggle title=’Do you provide free shipping on my order online?’ tags=”]
We have periodic promotions where all items on our online store are shipped free of charge. Emails will be sent out to those whom have signed up on buydroidbox.ca with all the details of the promotion.
[av_toggle title=’How do I update my version of Kodi?’ tags=”]
Follow these steps:

  1. Backup your current build of Kodi
  2. Go to your Android Box settings and delete your existing installation of Kodi
  3. Navigate to the Google Play Store; search for Kodi.
  4. Download and install the latest version from the Google Playstore
  5. Open your new installation of Kodi and restore your backed up build.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your shows, movies or sports!

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[av_toggle title=’Can I program a remote control on my phone or tablet to work with your box?’ tags=”]
Since our Android boxes use the Google Android OS (Lollipop 5.1), you could most likely find an app on the Google Play store that could allow you to control your box. However, there is no guarantee it will function 100%.

Buydroidbox.ca offers a variety of wireless keyboards that will allow you to more efficiently control your android tv box. For example, you will have the capability to browse the internet, type documents and use the mouse with the same efficiency as on a standard desktop computer.
[av_toggle title=’How do I perform a factory reset?’ tags=”]
During a factory reset is not recommended unless you know exactly what you are doing. Once you execute a factory reset, all the customization you did to your box will be lost, unless you backed it up. FACTORY RESET WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

  1. Go to Android Settings
  2.  Select Storage and Reset
  3. Click on Factory Reset

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