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Model Number

318A TV Antenna



Frequency Range




Brand Name


Reception Range




Noise Figure

Less than or equal to 3dB


360 Degree Reception




120-160 Miles

Suit For


Power supply

via USB 5V/50mA

Maximum Output Level



30dB with Amplifier

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99 Reviews For This Product

  1. 99

    by S***v

    All ok thank you very much for the speed

  2. 99

    by N***o

    Antenna super, everything works, i recommend.

  3. 99

    by S***v

    Packed perfectly, delivery fast, recommend to everyone!

  4. 99

    by S***n

    The main disadvantage is the cable. at the ends of the connectors are filled with plastic. there is one trim to start outside in the house. also if the steep bend on the cable it is deformed. The truth is not critical. Also the antenna holder is plastic. Otherwise, the antenna is super. the signal is powerful. I took as a replacement tricolor tv. Which began to turn off the signal and force them to buy new equipment. Вообщем достали. Antenna for purchase i recommend.

  5. 99

    by A***v

    Well, very fast delivery 9 days!!! Delivery by courier to the door. Looks like a very high quality thing! All as in the description. I’m happy.

  6. 99

    by I***n

    Thank you, everything. I bought it because tricolor ate. Thank you store!

  7. 99

    by G***p

    The parcel arrived quickly. Works properly. No problem. The cable is soft, the fastening is comfortable. No tubes. Powered by usb. power is included. I have a tuner in a computer powered by a computer… The signal catches well.

  8. 99

    by E***a

    looks god, hope it will be so

  9. 99

    by A***h

    Thanks all received works fine!

  10. 99

    by K***n


  11. 99

    by V***i


  12. 99

    by J***s

    Receive the product in excellent conditions, excellent product signal arrives, the image quality not tremble n falls in perfect order. The store is patabens! Depending on the price compared more 1 or 2 antennas. Thank you!

  13. 99

    by A***v

    Quality is super!!! Works as a satellite)

  14. 99

    by V***o

    1000000000000000000 stars, for quality and delivery. Delivered in 8 days home in hands. 2. Assembly and quality at height. 3. who produces these antennas, the product is at a height of quality and assembly. 4. I live to the tower 35 km. The relief is complex, forests, mountains, i live in the great nezina. 5. Connected in the room for checking, works on cheers and clean. 6. these antennas are better polish with amplifier, i can bet with any. 7. Who will buy this antenna will only be glad that it is not installed on the roof, it takes the house, only turn it in the right direction and all. 8. For polish antennas forget to print and on always, they suck, compared to these. 9. in a word, the manufacturer and store of 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars and success in development in their business, keep your brand, go in front and achieve success.

  15. 99

    by P***n

    Très bien

  16. 99

    by L***v

    Thank you. Within a week the courier will bring home everything works

  17. 99

    by S***a

    The package reached tver region in 15 days. everything is done qualitatively. all in the kit. and most importantly, only this antenna accepts all 20 digital programs in my conditions.

  18. 99

    by A***h

    Thank you all okay thank you

  19. 99

    by W***n

    The antenna is excellent, the usual antenna does not take even on the mast, this put in the corner of the room everything shows, to the city 100 km

  20. 99

    by D***v


  21. 99

    by T***v


  22. 99

    by A***n

    Men thing buy exactly!!!!!

  23. 99

    by Customer

    Ordered from a warehouse in moscow. the supplier wrote that the goods ended and can be sent from china. sogoassya (took to the cottage, the season is not soon)). The goods came quite quickly (two weeks). Packed perfectly, the quality is excellent. Now you need to check on the quality of reception, but this is later. Seller recommend.

  24. 99

    by A***v

    Sending to russia came in 5 days. Very fast. Brought straight home. About the range did not check, but where the usual room constantly broke the signal, this antenna holds confidently. The view is very good, so not ashamed and hang in the room. There are even anchor bolts included to mount to the street wall. All packed in boxes and common box with handles. Thank you.

  25. 99

    by M***v

    Hello, everybody! I read the reviews and decided to order myself at once two antennas, the parcel was delivered to the house, special thanks to the courier service, ordered from the russian federation so it came very quickly about three days, i do not remember exactly. As for the antenna itself, the quality of the goods is excellent, all at the highest level starting with the quality of plastic and ending with fasteners. I took to the cottage myself and as a gift to my neighbor a pensioner, tried to connect in moscow to an ambulance, caught 30 channels of tv and 3 channels of radio. The signal catches stably does not hang and does not disappear, as it will catch at the cottage i will definitely add my feedback a little later but in any case it already depends on the region and the terrain, so the product is satisfied with + 100000000% store thank you very much.!!!! For quality products, for communication and for fast delivery. I advise both the foreman and the goods. P. s photo do not spread because everything is exactly as in the photo from the seller.

  26. 99

    by A***v

    Delivery by courier to the apartment, which is very nice, the antenna is excellent, catches all available channels of broadcasting-i have 29 channels (i live on the 2nd floor in the 6th entrance, and the tv tower is 30 km away. On the side of the 1st entrance, you can not use a simple wire as an antenna, because. There is not one tv channel at all), there were no problems with the assembly (everything you need is in the kit, collected in a couple of minutes and use). Prompt answers to my questions pleased. Purchase is very satisfied!)

  27. 99

    by A***v

    Many thanks to the antenna received all the whole, many thanks!

  28. 99

    by N***a

    Delivery 3 days to the apartment, excellent antenna, looks on the street quite tiny, compared to the coffin that hung and stopped working… Catches 20 channels without problem, i think in the house would catch, just hung in the place of the old. Who doubts-take, do not doubt!

  29. 99

    by A***h

    Normal in appearance. in the case did not try

  30. 99

    by M***v

    Shipping home in 5 days. Everything is packed neatly. In the work of pak did not try. I will install additional feedback. Seller thanks!

  31. 99

    by A***v

    Good reception. I take the second

  32. 99

    by D***v

    Good antenna, but it does not catch the claimed 160 km, but still quite powerful.

  33. 99

    by A***v

    A little late, and since everything is as in the description. I’m happy.

  34. 99

    by I***N

    Excellent antenna!!! Came quickly. Connected-picture and quality is excellent, although the antenna is on the windowsill-a private house. In general, very satisfied. Seller and i recommend the product!!

  35. 99

    by Z***v

    Antenna received, but not yet connected

  36. 99

    by M***h

    Excellent quality! Fast shipping! I will buy more! Thank you! Great quality! Fast shipping! I will have to buy! Thank you!

  37. 99

    by J***s

    I am very happy with this product. It works very well with the amplifier.

  38. 99

    by F***k

    Kazakhstan do not buy. We don’t have digital broadcasting. And so the store excellent everything quickly sent and packed competently and responsive. Only we do not have a corresponding signal in the kz. I have the option to sell it to russia or wait for us to have digital broadcasting.

  39. 99

    by I***n

    Everything works

  40. 99

    by Y***v

    The parcel reached almaty a month, packed in a cellophane and a branded box covered with a postal package. The whole thing came. Unfortunately, the antenna did not meet expectations, a tv tower at a distance of 20-25 km, and the broadcast of digital channels still go with periodic breaks of communication (no signal).

  41. 99

    by M***v


  42. 99

    by Y***n

    The tower is 20 km, the reception is not stable. Without an amplifier in general “0”. The old antenna is welded from electrodes, called butterfly, catches exactly also without amplifier. Conclusion, it is better to buy a good amplifier, and any antenna is suitable. And yet, the price is overstated once in ten. Inside a piece of textolite with etched tracks, worth 20 rubles.

  43. 99

    by Customer

    Quick reception and meeting my needs.

  44. 99

    by A***n

    What to say. At first glance made qualitatively. Caught 33 channels in the apartment directional just out the window. But not all channels show clearly some go jerks (made on an ambulance). I hope that the street will be better. From the instructions it is not clear whether there should be another screw with a nut of lamb. They are not on the list, and in the collection scheme they are present. Trifle but unpleasant.))) the cable in the kit is good. Surprised the power supply in a good sense. The power of the amplifier goes through usb, which (+) can be directly connected to the tv or tv tuner if it has a usb output. If the jambs come up, i will unsubscribe.

  45. 99

    by Customer

    There was an antenna less than a month in appearance all neatly, i will check in the work i will add a tip.

  46. 99

    by A***v

    The store is great well done, delivered in a week to moscow, the box is a little crumpled, but everything is intact, everything works, we wait for the cottage will be teat there.

  47. 99

    by V***o

    Delivery-almost 2 months, the service of the J-NET-sucks. The antenna works all 36 channels dtv2 found in the moment, though tested in the zone of 2 km from the transmitter, where not the wire catches, i’ll take it as warmer, at the cottage 30 km-i’ll add a review.

  48. 99

    by R***m

    All super!!! I advise!!!

  49. 99

    by S***P

    Fast delivery, ordered 1 received on march 20, 2019. In the moscow region. The quality is good, i do not know the truth how it will behave on the street, because the black plastic antenna…, and then the heat, the sun, severe frost… I installed houses in the kitchen 1st floor (24 km from mkad), the antenna caught 20 digital channels, entertainment, no news… First, ort… Maybe you just need it, i don’t know… Purchase is very satisfied! I recommend the store!

  50. 99

    by C***n

    Excellent antenna and great store. I have it mounted indoors on a speaker stand and it grabs 7 of the possible 8 channels easily ( the 8th channel is extremely hard to get due to it’s location and buildings so I never expected to get it with this indoors) Highly recommend!

  51. 99

    by I***v

    Excellent antenna scale 100 percent satisfied

  52. 99

    by I***n

    Catches perfectly

  53. 99

    by S***a

    Everything is fine!!! Works… everything catches …. thanks!!!

  54. 99

    by A***a

    Came quickly, at home checked, everything works, we wait for the summer and check in the country.

  55. 99

    by P***o

    The antenna catches digital channels from the window sill (this despite the fact that the usual delta had to bully by 3,5 meters). I’m happy as an elephant)

  56. 99

    by R***p

    As in most reviews, the box is damaged but the investment is not damaged, i will put it only in a month so i will add the feedback, to the towers of km 40, took as the indoor antenna catches only the first package

  57. 99

    by Customer


  58. 99

    by I***v

    Package delivered packed in package. Box A little wrinkled. But in the box everything is whole. The antenna checked everything works. Seller recommend.

  59. 99

    by 2***2

    Delivery in 3 days

  60. 99

    by V***v

    Everything works fine delivery to the house mos region. 3 days.

  61. 99

    by N***V

    All as promised 30 channels and 3 radio quality ideal! delivery fast!

  62. 99

    by N***a

    Shipping very fast all super

  63. 99

    by S***v

    Excellent antenna. Put it near the tv in the room, everything catches. The antenna wire was superfluous, but useful for the cottage. The appearance is excellent, the quality is excellent.

  64. 99

    by Z***v


  65. 99

    by A***A


  66. 99

    by Customer

    Excellent store, the product is still in test And but looks good. As the delivery was very accurate, received the goods 27 days after the purchase, recommend

  67. 99

    by D***n

    Fast delivery, in work did not check

  68. 99

    by M***a

    Delivery 3 days. To the door by courier. Later i will add

  69. 99

    by I***a

    Delivery is fast. The courier brought home. Not yet connected

  70. 99

    by S***n

    Antenna catches where amplifiers do not cope, it went less than a week

  71. 99

    by V***z

    It works perfectly.

  72. 99

    by R***n

    Great thanks very much

  73. 99

    by Customer

    Delivered by a very polite courier on the 2nd day to moscow, convenient packing-a suitcase without damage, a complete set, after installation, i will write the result.

  74. 99

    by V***n

    Checked in the concrete hangar without unwinding the cable. Signal level is 100/100 when other similar products only make noise in white. Definitely respect!! Delivery on the third day to the door. I recommend! Seller and involved many thanks!

  75. 99

    by A***n

    Delivery 3 days, courier to the apartment. Packaging do not wear in. The apartment, on the 6th floor, caught only 3 analog channels. I hope that this is due to the fact that not exactly sent to the tower. I will try at the cottage, the nearest tower is 20 km. Then complement the review.

  76. 99

    by L***e


  77. 99

    by A***v

    She arrived 10 days from moscow to nizhniy. All ok ‘, reception confident …..

  78. 99

    by A***a

    Excellent fast delivery

  79. 99

    by A***v

    The antenna is good, in the village of beloostrov len. Obl caught all 20 digital channels, catches stably, did not have to hang on the street

  80. 99

    by D***v

    Delivery from russia is very bright. I will try this device at the cottage and add a tip.

  81. 99

    by A***a

    There was an antenna for the rolsen RDA-500W to receive digital tv but stopped catching the signal. This antenna is just super. Feedback from russia helped. Everything is fine. 20 free channels catch on the 1st floor in a panel house away from the tower.

  82. 99

    by Customer

    Description accurate, antenna checked, found 2 multi-player and 3 radio, the picture is clear. The kit is complete, all for installation.

  83. 99

    by M***a

    I’ll try at the cottage i will write brought in 3 days all as in the description

  84. 99

    by S***o

    30.04 paid 05.05 delivery by courier to moscow region. horror as nice. all orders would be so delivered.

  85. 99

    by M***d


  86. 99

    by Z***v

    100% ok!!!!

  87. 99

    by A***v

    I ordered three pieces already. Very good reception. On the street even unbearable.

  88. 99

    by A***n

    Catches ~ 30 channels near moscow.

  89. 99

    by A***V

    Delivery is instant, in 1 day. the antenna catches, but the tv needs to be with the number. the range

  90. 99

    by R***t

    Thank you for the goods. This is the second antenna. For fast delivery, too, thank you very much. I recommend the store.

  91. 99

    by P***y

    Delivered quickly by courier in a few days. Completeness is complete. Compact, the quality is good, the cable is long. Connected to the sample in a meter from the tv, two meters from the window-the signal is good. I recommend

  92. 99

    by A***v

    Everything is super! Delivery is fast. Seller recommend!

  93. 99

    by M***v

    Antenna class, do not put on the mast, shows 20 channels, hanging on the curtain. nothing twisted, hanging crooked, still reception is very good. the tower is 80 km away. the parcel came quickly, i recommend.

  94. 99

    by N***v

    The product came with a non-working power supply 5v. in the return of funds for the non-working unit refused. it is necessary to replace the faulty part.

  95. 99

    by M***V

    The product corresponds to the description. Quality is good. Fast shipping. I haven’t checked the work yet.

  96. 99

    by G***n

    Have come to like the swiftness of this store’s delivery/shipment. Packaging was good. Yet to install the product hence my rating. Will certainly come back to give them thumbs up if it work as expected

  97. 99

    by D***v

    Works! In operation 2 weeks, external connection (indoors, on the second floor of the house, also caught, but less confident). Gardening mshinskoe, len. obl. -20 channels + 3 radio. Delivery to st. petersburg-courier, 3 days. Thank you!

  98. 99

    by Customer

    I join the positive reviews. Antenna catches well, delivery is fast. I recommend to buy.

  99. 99

    by H***i


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