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Additional information

Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 5 cm
Quick charge


Intelligent Charge


Display screen


Model Number

Opus BT – C3100 V2.2


Standard Battery



Brand Name





BT-C3100 V2.2


US adapter

Charging Cell Type

Ni-MH, NiCd, Lithium Ion

Rechargeable Battery Qty


Input Voltage

AC 100~240V 50/60HZ

Output Voltage

DC 12V, 3.0A

Battery Number


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120 Reviews For This Product

  1. 120

    by R***n

    Delivery to the house, the charger is serviceable, i’m happy with the purchase))

  2. 120

    by Customer

    Delivery sdec. Ordered 25.01 came 13.03 of them 3 weeks hung at our customs. Everything arrived, it works like normal. On the lantern there is an instinct for refinement.

  3. 120

    by N***n

    Got not included. I hope everything is fine.

  4. 120

    by Customer

    Like norms. What you like is the charging current range.

  5. 120

    by I***k

    Package month could not leave china. Drove almost 2 months. Although the store almost on the last day sent the parcel. If i knew what would be so long i would buy in russia.

  6. 120

    by V***a

    A little noisy, but overall excellent, purchase is happy

  7. 120

    by D***P

    Everything is fine only for a very long time though and sdek. The packaging came crumpled.

  8. 120

    by M***v

    Charging is excellent, though the price, in my opinion, is too high. Shipping is long. It was a little over a month and a half. Smells a little plastic.

  9. 120

    by A***o

    Works fine, though long experience the store sociable and always was in touch …. i recommend the store and the seller

  10. 120

    by Y***v

    I received my order in 1,5 months. The post of russia slows down, as always. It’s still working. The fan buzzes quietly. You can not worry about this. Seller thanks

  11. 120

    by L***.


  12. 120

    by L***a

    Long shipment. The store gave no valid track numbers. Even surprisingly that i received the goods.

  13. 120

    by M***v


  14. 120

    by I***v

    Excellent charger 5 +. Photos, the functions of the charger will not spread, everything is said in the reviews earlier. Again i repeat “charger super!”. Order, you will not regret.

  15. 120

    by A***v

    Everything works, materials and assembly worthy! Went to moscow for a long time, the carrier showed himself on the worst side. There are no claims to the goods

  16. 120

    by S***v

    I do not recommend buying from this store, if of course you have a lot of time then take. He sent the parcel 3 weeks after payment. Then the parcel hung in china for almost a month. Sold smeared for chinese new year, but i paid when before ng was 3 weeks! Total parcel was two and a half months. Special ordered epackage, knew that they send sdec and for a very long time goes to them, paid for the package, and sold sent sdec, money for the shipment epackage did not return.

  17. 120

    by E***a

    Nice thing. Functional and stylish. Everything works.

  18. 120

    by M***o

    Everything is fine, but g. Pechora is almost 2 months old.

  19. 120

    by V***V

    The store long sent the order, but delivered it in less than a month, so i bet for all 5 points. A similar charger only for finger batteries of this company i use for many years and very satisfied. I hope this one will last a long time. Instruction on the Russian is in the internet and improvements too.

  20. 120

    by Customer

    The parcel received in 50 days, charging works

  21. 120

    by A***v

    2 months went to dagestan. Long sent. The goods seem normal.

  22. 120

    by A***n

    It’s still working. Happy.

  23. 120

    by M***v

    I received the parcel. There was a check and repacking on arrival in russia. Packaging branded from the device when sending did not suffer. Already sweating everything works. The store himself wrote information on the tracking of the parcel. I recommend

  24. 120

    by A***a

    Waited for the parcel, the store was wrong address. The dispute won. The money will be returned. At least something.

  25. 120

    by I***n

    Everything works fine!!!

  26. 120

    by O***a

    Delivery was very long for almost 2 months, transport company sdek.

  27. 120

    by Customer

    The goods are good. Delivery is very long, almost 2 months to the kurgan region. The store sent by sdek company, it is clearly not express shipping as they position themselves.

  28. 120

    by V***v

    Terribly long delivery to moscow, 50 days. Only in moscow cdek could not deliver a week, 2 times carried delivery. And so the product is satisfied, it works perfectly. I recommend.

  29. 120

    by A***h

    The goods came on time, the quality is excellent!! All according to the description. Everything works.

  30. 120

    by I***v

    The package came delivery sdec. in appearance and to the touch very qualitatively later i will check as in the work. Thank you store

  31. 120

    by A***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Checked in the work, everything works. The device is super!

  32. 120

    by Customer

    Excellent charging, there are functions of charge, discharge and pumping (discharge, and then charge and so in a circle) noise fan when working, not loud. Purchase satisfied.

  33. 120

    by M***m

    Friend said that excellent

  34. 120

    by G***r

    Good charging store thank you all good luck world

  35. 120

    by N***v

    The charger is satisfied, the declared functions are performed, the store and the producer recommend.

  36. 120

    by V***v

    Everything is fine! Not checked in the work, but in appearance-good.

  37. 120

    by R***v

    Excellent charging, came in the original box which was wrapped in several layers of puffs. 3 days used without turning off, overtested all the batteries, a quarter of them threw out. Everything works fine, the fan does not crack.

  38. 120

    by A***y

    Thank you very much. Turned everything on. Put to charge batteries. 🙂

  39. 120

    by A***v

    Everything is super! The producer is sociable.

  40. 120

    by A***v

    It took almost 2 months to orenburg. Delivered the courier to the apartment. The box is whole, the goods are good, match the description. Charges, discharged, shows the capacity and resistance of batteries, can be controlled by each slot separately, all informative and clear, very convenient. Of the minuses: it works really noisy, at night in the bedroom it is better not to leave, the fan sometimes works smoothly, and sometimes goes to hum and even a light whistle, have to shake a little device, then calms down, it is possible to disassemble and try to lubricate the fan for a long time whether the fan is not known.

  41. 120

    by A***v

    This is the product. Opened a dispute. The store offered compensation in 560 rubles. Dispute decided ali with a refund of 1668 without a return of the goods. Decide yourself to deal with such a producer. After that, the path is ordered.

  42. 120

    by S***h

    The order was tracked, as a result it was received by another person in moscow. Then it was not tracked at all. In short, full nervous. The store willingly responded to my questions, promised that everything would be fine. but nothing changed, was not tracked. As a result, delivered some guy who could not even say that the firm performs delivery. I’m lucky i picked up the phone, and if not? In short, delivery leaves much to be desired. Three.

  43. 120

    by Customer

    Excellent charging.

  44. 120

    by Customer

    Paid for delivery via cdek and came by regular mail, which led to a waste of time on receipt.

  45. 120

    by A***n


  46. 120

    by Customer

    good product, very long delivery

  47. 120

    by D***n

    After using the functions of a single or three-fold discharge-charge, pour a little a/h. if you put it immediately just on charging, then the main volume of energy comes in. Also sees and tries to charge ni/zn batteries.

  48. 120

    by A***G


  49. 120

    by D***v

    The goods came quickly. It is a pity that there is no instruction in the Russian language.

  50. 120

    by N***a

    Everything came safe and sound, works, but not much used yet.

  51. 120

    by Customer

    Oooooooochen long

  52. 120

    by A***n

    The goods went for a long time. As a result, they sent sdecom to peter instead of moscow. There he was handed to an unknown man. Opened a dispute. The money was returned, but the goods managed to cost almost 50%. Anyway, “it’s okay, beautiful marquis.”

  53. 120

    by A***v

    Came very quickly. Pleased that delivery is carried out not through the mail of russia, but by another carrier and directly to the door! The station itself is simply achrenically convenient and easy to use and surprisingly cool in operation. A small noise does not interfere at all. I restored 3 sets of dead batteries to 1800 (originally was 2500, but it is clear that over time the batteries die) The store extended the protection several times! Excellent seller and goods. I recommend karoche!

  54. 120

    by A***v

    Cool charging, restored all its batteries

  55. 120

    by M***v

    Excellent machine

  56. 120

    by A***h


  57. 120

    by V***n

    The charger is very like, the fan does not make noise at all, while i’m ballet testing the batteries. Thanks to the store.

  58. 120

    by D***v

    The product is excellent. Pumped delivery. Especially СДЕК by Russian-almost a month.

  59. 120

    by A***n

    5 points

  60. 120

    by S***k

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery is fast.

  61. 120

    by A***m


  62. 120

    by Customer

    Good charger.

  63. 120

    by D***o

    Super functional

  64. 120

    by E***v

    Charging, delivery, all at the highest level) i advise everyone.

  65. 120

    by V***T

    Thank the store, get the parcel and this is the main thing. Put old banks, i test, the device is new and made qualitatively. Will work. Packing: package postal pup, box, pup in it device. There were tracking problems, delivery time was exceeded, added buyer protection time. The seller is sociable.

  66. 120

    by R***h

    The store sent the order to the wrong address, the money was returned.

  67. 120

    by A***v

    All is super, shipping was very quick, the item exactly as described. Recommended.

  68. 120

    by Customer

    Invoice number was given wrong, then figured out, parcel was delivered more than a month.

  69. 120

    by J***z

    It looks quality and works perfectly

  70. 120

    by O***r

    Terrible! Paid item sent only in two weeks! Accidentally saw that the goods were not sent, reminded the store and only then he whispered!

  71. 120

    by V***v

    The charger received 71 (!) day after sending, it was necessary to extend the protection of the buyer twice. The reasons for such a long journey of the parcel are unknown. Maybe it’s customs, maybe on the way: china, hong kong, azerbaijan, germany, poland, ukraine. The store communicated in the course of events. To the product itself there are no complaints, it works fine. Instruction in the Russian language is in google without problems.

  72. 120

    by O***a

    How exact description i can not say tk the goods did not receive. Very long did not send the order. Wrote to the store the answer was received very quickly within an hour. Promised to send soon. The next day they sent. A month later in the app reported that the goods were delivered. Contacted the transport company they reported that yes such track was delivered in Tver! I live in pushkino, moscow region. Filed for a dispute ali returned the money. At the same time i ordered batteries from other sellers. Now there are batteries, and there is nothing to charge them. Sorry for the lost time. The seller with this attitude to the buyer (deception of clean water) i recommend everyone to forget and orders from him not to do.

  73. 120

    by I***V

    From order to delivery 71 days. Long went through ukraine (3 weeks). The goods are satisfied. I recommend.

  74. 120

    by N***a

    Long shipping. Otherwise everything is fine.

  75. 120

    by Customer


  76. 120

    by P***k

    Package arived but with difrent tracking number. Charger working OK

  77. 120

    by D***b

    Unlucky with delivery, my order went the other way, returned the money. The store is friendly.

  78. 120

    by Y***v

    Came to another city. Later came.

  79. 120

    by A***h

    29 days to israel. Overseas china track is not tracked. The device is just awesome.

  80. 120

    by R***r

    Delivery via cdek, fast and high quality. Corresponds to the description! Thank you to the store. Purchase is happy as an elephant

  81. 120

    by V***n

    Wonderful, everything works

  82. 120

    by D***h

    This is 3,14, comrades! The parcel went by three services, chinese, cellogistics and sdek! Send the understand how, the goods went for a long time. The charger itself does not need reviews, they and so much, checked, like while working

  83. 120

    by A***v

    A long time very much sent the store, came in intact. A box of stuffed mint, but not scary. Satisfied with charging

  84. 120

    by O***n

    The product corresponds to the description. Good quality. Thanks to the store.

  85. 120

    by A***v

    The goods are satisfied, and i do not advise the store. I bought at a price of 3000 + delivery more. Delivery chose epacket, because j net takes a long time and paid for it. And the seller sent a week, and instead of epaket sent this very j netom. And then the price was down to 2500. As a result, not only did i overpay for the goods, so i just paid for another type of delivery. I do not advise you to take here.

  86. 120

    by A***v

    Delivery cdek for 3 weeks to moscow. Fully corresponds to the description.

  87. 120

    by A***n

    The store did not send the order for a long time. Ordered on march 8, sending only 16th. Gave the wrong track. Received in st. petersburg on april 21. The product is excellent-i recommend, the seller is not.

  88. 120

    by K***n

    The store sent in 3 weeks from the moment of order under the left track number!! Otherwise everything is fine. Charger super! The box is pretty crumpled, but the delivery service could not destroy it, everything works. Started testing his batteries.

  89. 120

    by F***v

    The quality is good, the description corresponds, to naberezhnye chelny reached in 25 days.

  90. 120

    by J***f

    Well, very long, but i’m happy with the goods!

  91. 120

    by S***s

    The charger came all according to the description, charges, discharged, tests, thank you.

  92. 120

    by S***a

    I ordered already 4 chargers, but this time it took a very long time. The beginning came for the place of ulyanovsk in makhachkala, after communication with the store he sent again.

  93. 120

    by Customer

    Parcel received The power supply is heavy, in my heavier opus, there is a hope that quality The cooler makes a quiet sound, as if the fly is buzzing, so there is a small but noise Turns on when heated, not constantly A little bit chased, like everything works

  94. 120

    by I***h

    With the goods everything is fine. Only here the delivery was two months. Maybe not by the fault of the store

  95. 120

    by S***f

    Seller deceiver gave false track code consignee on it in another city goods to them already received, the goods sent to me 23 days after payment

  96. 120

    by V***k

    מתען really good recommended

  97. 120

    by D***V

    Thank you very much! The device is of excellent quality, there is no smell from plastic, everything works fine.

  98. 120

    by Z***v

    Satisfied with the goods, shop and store!!! Thank you!!!

  99. 120

    by I***v

    Finally came… First sent to another person, but after not a long correspondence, the store sent me, for which thank him. Looked kind.

  100. 120

    by L***g

    Product received in good condition. Initial order was botched by courier – contacted store and they promptly sent a replacement no questions asked. Top service!

  101. 120

    by M***s

    All right

  102. 120

    by V***a

    The parcel came to ivanovo in 36 days, delivered by courier cdek. The store of the week sent the goods, and pointed to the page of the order (where they look the status of the parcel) left track (it then in another city someone received), and the seller itself later (it turns out even longer than a week) wrote in the message the track is already my parcel. Unpleasant this manipulation with track codes. Then he answered incorrectly about the parcel. Despite all the parcel came, almost not crumpled, before the expiration of the protection period of the goods. All slots work, tried only directly charging. The fan works periodically when it heats up, and not as loud as i expected (the noise from the window from the road is louder). Overall normal, i advise you to track all track codes (which will give) and protection time.

  103. 120

    by A***z

    Fast shipping and good quality. Missing test to assess if it works correctly

  104. 120

    by D***w

    The device was sent from a week. Then there was some heresy with delivery. Before asking customs in the face of some frog company cellog passport data! I had to enter. Immediately on the trail. The day was sent. After, by some miracle the order was at cdek, although for delivery i did not pay. It was literally a week and a couple of days, and now, through the alerts in whatsapp requested the desired date of receipt. Appointed. Courier cdek came to the entrance. No extra fees. The box is whole, the device is in order. I don’t care, but it works. When heated, the fan is cooled. Not too noisy. He works. It will not be necessary often. Like, all the rules.

  105. 120

    by O***i

    The charger is good, charges the batteries well. I recommend this product and product.

  106. 120

    by B***t

    Works perfectly!

  107. 120

    by D***s

    Good product, fast shipping, I am satisfied! Recommended store.

  108. 120

    by J***j

    Produit très performant

  109. 120

    by I***v

    The goods came, everything is fine. Thanks to the store. I will check the review.

  110. 120

    by M***o


  111. 120

    by M***a

    Got fast enough. The box had obvious damage. The device itself remained intact. You need to pack better, for this minus star.

  112. 120

    by I***l

    Everything works well. Trusty store. Recommended!

  113. 120

    by C***d

    all ok

  114. 120

    by A***n

    Everything is fine, charging is excellent. Plastic stink smells, but it does not have to smell 🙂 The store gave another track number (wrong), but quickly corrected when i opened a dispute

  115. 120

    by Customer

    Fast shipment, good device.

  116. 120

    by A***o

    good store. quick deliver and reasonable pricing.

  117. 120

    by S***n

    Delivered in 25 days home at a time convenient for me! Very good!

  118. 120

    by A***v

    The store gave someone else the tracking number of the parcel and here be careful and see the weight of the parcel. the seller answers not immediately and almost a day and extremely reluctant. my goods sent so that It began to be tracked in 7 days and the weight of the parcel i learned when it was in my country almost 25 days from the carrier who handed the parcel to the local post thank god her before that Weighed. Why the seller did not immediately send such expensive goods by normal mail with weight tracking for me riddle but at least the number was already normally, so be careful when ordering from this seller. And almost forgot: the box as you already see the crumpled it was apparently damaged during transportation as it was packed in a simple package with small pouches that do not have a hood. And the device is quite working and without damage, probably lucky.

  119. 120

    by Customer

    works good

  120. 120

    by J***i


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